Project-based learning provides a structure through which students can demonstrate mastery of a subject by creating and presenting, a research-based project that is driven by their own interest in a topic and allows them to work within the same parameters as real researchers. While the projects can assess the students’ knowledge of content, concepts and skills and the level of depth, it also allows students to think deeply and analytically and to question a topic which has particular resonance and meaning for them. Additionally, students will possess a wide range to enhance reading ability. Support is provided so that all students have access to the information. The use of audio-recorded books, books and articles in other languages, reading buddies, as well as on-line software of I-Pads that provides text reading, are useful in ensuring that all students have equal access to the information they need regardless of their ability to read the text on their own.

General Objectives of the projects-

     Generate interest in the project by bringing in articles or providing experiences that pique their        curiosities and enquiry.
     Enhances subject knowledge and industry exposure.
     Explore the ideas and industry set up.
     Learn experimentation of new products.
     Learn the spirit of team work.
     Prepares young learners for entrepreneurship
     Participates in market survey for research purpose.
     Develop and improve presentation skills.
     Enhances language control and command in writing and speaking skills.
     Learn basic model of marketing and sales.

In the academic session of 2014-15, the students of grades III to VIII successfully presented well researched interdisciplinary projects that included a PowerPoint presentation of survey work, design process and market display of their products.
To name a few products- Natural herbal soaps, hydraulic pump lifts, solar panel lights, mini vacuum cleaner, artificial flowers and pop human skeleton model, engaged learners with their high level thinking as well as creative potential.

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