Yash Bhatkar and Joshua Nevin Chandrasekar, the rising stars of our school performed exceptionally well with their vigorous commitment and hard work.

  • YASH has become The World Topper in Mathematics (AS level)
  • JOSHUA has become an All India Topper in Global Perspectives and Researches (AS level)

IGCSE Result 2017-18

Divyanshi Verma:

Subject                  Grade               Percentage

English (SL)                       A                         86%

French                                A                          86%

Economics                         A*                        94%

International Maths        A                          86%

Coordinated Science        A*                         93%

Harshit Gupta:

Computer Science            A*                         91%

Coordinated Science        A*                         92%

International Maths         A                          89%

Milind Saxena:

English (SL)                       A                           81%

Hindi (SL)                          A                           82%

International Maths         A                           85%

Economics                          A                           81%

Business Studies               A                           80%

Coordinated Science        A*                         90%

GCE AS & A Level Result 2017-18

Joshua Nevin Chandrasekar:

Subject                  Grade               Percentage

Mathematics                    A*                         91%

Physics                               A*                         90%

Economics                         A                           88%

Kanishka Verma:

Mathematics                      A*                         93%

Physics                                A*                         91%

Economics                          A*                         91%

Suraj Yadav:

Mathematics                       A                           76%

Economics                           A                           74%

Physics                                 A                          70%

Yash Bhatkar:

Mathematics                      A*                         98%

Further Maths                    A*                        92%

Economics                          A*                         92%

Chemistry                           A*                         92%

Physics                                 A*                        95%


Let’s take a look at our hall of fame:

Yash Bhatka Maths (World topper) AS Level
Physics, Chemistry, Eco. A, A, A AS Level
Joshua Nevin Chandrasekar Global Perspective and Research A (All India topper) AS Level
English, Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Economics A, A, A, A, A AS Level
Kanishka Verma Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Economics A, A, A, A AS Level
Suraj Yadav Economics A AS Level
Anirudh Saxena Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Maths A*, A, A, A A Level
Shreya Sahay Physics, Chemistry, Biology A , A, A A Level
Samved Dhar Mathematics, Economics A, A A Level
Ishan Saxena Physics, Maths A , A A Level
Ishita Ratra Accounts A A Level
Twisha Arora Biology A A Level

Our learners have been able to score some of the best grades in diverse subjects, and have managed to earn their seat in eminent universities. For instance: 

Anirudh Saxena University of Washington Bio Engineering
Ishan Saxena University Of Saskatchewan Computer Science
Samved Dhar University Of Saskatchewan Business Economics


  • Karin Al Wreidat has been selected for “Outstanding Cambridge Learner’s Awards”. She has scored the highest marks in one subject in India and has been honoured for high achievement.
  • Ishita Ratra has the honour of receiving ICE certification with distinction scoring five A*(highest grade) and two A grades.
  • Shreya Sahai has the honour of receiving IGCSE certification  scoring five A*(highest grade) and two A grades.