[vc_row][vc_column width="1/1"][vc_column_text]Professor MM Pant born on 22nd July, 1947 is an internationally renowned expert in the field of pedagogy and technology, for the 21st generation learner.
The copious academic achievement makes him an exclusive contributor in the field of education. He has a background of Physics and LLB, with a very high achievement throughout. Listed positions, silver and gold medals and national scholarships add to his credit.
He did his PhD from Roorkee. His Thesis, ‘Electronic spectra of ordered and disordered systems “, was examined and approved by Prof NF Mott, Nobel Laureate in Physics.
An epitome of hard work and sincerity, Prof Pant, started his career by teaching in the University of Western Ontario, Canada, as a teaching post-doc and later as a visiting professor. He also taught at IIT Delhi for almost ten years. He Visited the International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy four times and was a member of their Associate ship post which he worked as an associate lecturer in Physics, and wrote about 100 papers in various aspects of physics, geophysics, botany, ecology, environmental pollution, legal information, learning Metrics and many more.
Professor MM Pant was also a legal practioner in the high court in Allahabad.
Professor and founding Director Computing and former Pro-vice-Chancellor of IGNOU and Founder of Planet Edu ltd, Prof Pant has held many acclaimed positions in his professional journey.

Professor Pant has been associated with many educational organizations as member of committees or working groups, such as the — AICTE, AIMA, CBSE, CEC, EDCIL, EISA, MEDIA LAB ASIA, NCERT, NCTE, NIOS, NUEPA, UGC and several Universities. He has been closely linked with the IIT system, acquiring his Ph.D. from IIT, Roorkee, having been a faculty member at IIT, Kanpur and a member of the Board of Governors at IIT, Delhi.
Professor Pant is also allied in the advisory role with various national bodies, such as National Council of Education, Research and Training, National institution for open schooling, Centre for educational communication, Media Lab Asia and many others.
He is also Chairman, Board of studies, All India Management Association, Centre for management education.
With such a vast experience and abundant knowledge, Prof Pant is all set to transform the field of education in India. His contribution in the field of thinking research, are proposing new constructs such as “Learning metrics, Learning kinetics, Educational informatics’ to enhance learner motivation and the yearning to learn, learning to think, developing ways of monitoring epistemic development to achieve the required goals and outcomes.
He is personally committed to enhance human capital through personalized and inclusive education. He is all set to transform teacher training, to foster the development of a professional group of independent educators.
Alliance world school is indeed providential to have an educator of this repute, as a Chief Mentor and guide for all the educational endeavors.

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