Classical Dances

Indian traditional dances have crossed all the boundaries and today they stand above all other dances having an identity of their own. Various Indian classical dance forms represent the rich cultural heritage of our country. Indian classical dance has made its own position on the vista of globe. In ancient times, there was the tradition of temple dancing but after sometime it got an entirely new direction. The origin of these classical dance forms can be traced back to 400 B.C. At this time only, the 'Natya Shastra' was written by Bharat Muni. Indian classical dance forms have not only been admired in India but they have also gained popularity in foreign countries too. These classical dance styles have become an essential part of our culture. Every dance form represents a particular region or tribe and it depicts the music, costumes and make-up of that place. Bharatanatyam from Tamil Nadu is one of the major Indian Classical Dance forms appreciated by all and thus, our students are quite willing to take up this dance form in their performing art sessions.

The philosophy behind this dance is to search the human soul and unite with the Supreme Being. This dance form enhances its beauty with the use of literary masterpieces of saints and sages. Nowadays this dance form has changed a lot. Contemporary classical Indian dance is performed by both, male and female. At present our girl students are working hard towards imbibing the knowledge of this dance form.

This form ensures our alliancians are encouraged to:

  • Make connection with Classical roots of India
  • Build up Self-confidence
  • Appreciate Carnatic music rhythms
  • Explore competitive platforms
  • Enlighten Spiritual Soul
  • Improve self-discipline
  • Develop grace through dance
  • Satisfy the passion to excel
  • Creative freedom and expression

Western Dances

Western dance forms comprises of many different dances from different cultures all over the world. The unique dancing steps and body language of every dance has a completely unique element. American dance forms are all time favorite among the students. Various competitive platforms have provided encouragement to students to pick up these great dance moves and present their very own version of amazing dance performance. Our students have been part of greatly choreographed dance performances which left the audience amazed at the flexible body structures!

Western dance forms have not only been appreciated but also see maximum participation by our students who are seen jiving their moves through various numbers. Hip-hop style is quite favorites among boys, which is also, called ‘popping’. Robotic dance forms and the contemporary flavor of dance themes brighten up the spirits of the performers and the audience. Also, the icing on the cake is the ‘Bollywood’ styles on ‘Bollywood’ numbers spread energetic waves in the students!