Prof. M.M. Pant, the renowned educator and eminent academician, is the guiding light and motivating force of Alliance World School. He has been instrumental in implementing various techniques for the betterment and progress of the school. His key interest now is to contemplate transformations in the educational field and draw upon worldwide research and views of thought leaders to supplement with his own reflections. The great visionary actively participates to support implementation efforts for new educational models involving what is the learning outcome, what kind of experiences should be created for the learner, innovative methods for teacher training and leveraging the current and emerging technologies to develop future life-long learners.

He believes in the maxim that convergence between various media and technologies would fundamentally alter the way learning would be created, packaged, and delivered to learners. All his current activities are directed towards actual implementation of these new age educational initiatives.

Prof. Pant is a great visionary and has enlightened innumerable people through his talks and seminars at a number of international conferences. He has been the:

  • Pro-Vice Chancellor at Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)
  • Faculty at IIT – Kanpur (the premier Engineering institution in India),
  • Faculty at MLNR Engineering College
  • Faculty & Visiting Professor at University of Western Ontario-Canada.

With his mission to create and implement new opportunities in the area of e-learning & learning facilitation, Prof. Pant has promoted Planet EDU Pvt. Ltd., as its Founder & Chairman, along with a team of highly experienced and skilled professionals from Education & Training, Operations, IT and Finance.