Alliance world school is a model world school for the 21st century with state of the art technology and teaching methodologies. Significant technology with the appropriate guidance of a teacher helps to differentiate wastage from productivity. Here, AWS, we channelize technology into direct instructional role.

AWS is a pioneer in integrating technology and teaching. We have a Wi-fi enabled campus which is connected to each class room through Apple T. V. Every classroom is a smart class and is well-equipped with an Apple I-Pad and a projector which enables the teacher to use audio/video methods to facilitate learning and understanding. This makes learning more interesting.

All students have access to the resources of the Internet through our computer lab, substantially equipped with 40 systems.

All facilities are designed keeping in mind the growth and well being of our students. Hence, all buses have a GPS system installed in them that are monitored in the morning and evening for the safety of our students.